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Plans & Prices

From direct lines to full PBX solutions, we have you covered.

VoIP Line

A VoIP Line is a direct line
service used together
with a VoIP telephone or softphone.

R49 / month

VoIP Trunk

A multi-line service
that you would use together
with a hosted switchboard or a VoIP PBX.

R100 / month

Hosted Switchboard

A fully managed and customisable PBX solution. Offered together with a VoIP Trunk and telephone number/s.

R250 / month

VoIP Per Minute

(30/60 billing increments)

Ideal for users who make long calls.
You would benefit from the lower VoIP call rates charged.
The calls are charged in 30-second increments with a minimum of 60 seconds, all rates are quoted per-minute.

Peak – Monday to Friday 7am to 8pm. Off-Peak – all other times.


VoIP Per Second

 (1/1 billing increments)

This would suit if you make shorter
calls. The rates are slightly higher than those of the Per Minute
Package. The per second billing will, however, bring down your overall call costs. All rates are quoted per-minute. Calls charged per second from the first second. Peak – Monday to Friday 7am to 8pm. Off-Peak – all other times.


VoIP solution

Get your VoIP setup and start saving money on those calls. We supply a VoIP telephone that is compatible with our network.

If you want to keep your current number, your current phone number needs to be active with your current provider for us to Port the number.

Alternatively we can supply you with a new number.

What you need

Copy of ID

Proof of Residence

Last Phone Account

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